Attention Parents: All student test scores from last year will be available for you to view at this year’s Open House August 23, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM
4 days ago, Marquand-Zion
Test Scores
MZ Middle and HS students and staff gave Junior, Kaylee Stafford, a good luck send off. She is headed to Jeff. City for the Missouri Track and Field State Championship.
3 months ago, Crystal Stephens
4th Quarter scholars had lunch with Mr. Blake recently.
3 months ago, Marquand-Zion
4th Quarter Scholars 2
4th Quarter scholars
Kaylee Stafford advanced to the MO State Track & Field Championships by finishing in the top 4 in shot put at the State Semis. This is the 1st year for Marquand’s track team. Kaylee will compete Friday at State in Jeff City. Coaches Drew White and Cheryl Whitener. Good luck!
3 months ago, Marquand-Zion
State Bound
MZ High School Athletic and Academic Awards Banquet will be held on Tuesday, May 10th in the Marquand Zion New Gymnasium at 1:30. Parents and family members are welcome to attend!
3 months ago, Crystal Stephens
Art Show!! Thursday, May 5th Art Room will be open from 5:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m (Before and after the Spring Concert) Grades 1-12
3 months ago, Doug Berry
Art Show
Getting closer
3 months ago, Marquand-Zion
Making a few stops before switching states (and road quality 😳)
3 months ago, Marquand-Zion
Mickey Ds
almost missed it
See you in Missouri later tonight. Keep watching for updates
3 months ago, Marquand-Zion
homeward bound
Last day in Alabama. Rain, shopping, chilling out, saw a wedding on the beach and packing. Leaving at 5:00 AM in the morning.
3 months ago, Marquand-Zion
aye aye captain
nachos for supper
packing up
Senior trip is still jumpin’. One more day here before we head home Saturday.
3 months ago, Marquand-Zion
Jay goes to the top
ready, set, go
king (er…queen) of the mountain!
Senior update: Still here. It’s still awesome.
4 months ago, Marquand-Zion
The MZ Seniors would like to wish everyone a happy and safe school week from Orange Beach, Alabama!
4 months ago, Crystal Stephens
What do you do on the first night of Senior Trip? Watch Christmas vacation, of course. Duh. 🤪
4 months ago, Marquand-Zion
Senior Trip
We made it!! Mid 80’s all week and the beach outside our door. Thanks to Kenny and Lisa Whitener for getting us here and Crystal Stephens for co-ordinating all of our fun. Coach Steffens and Mr Berry are here, too! These kids worked hard to get here. Gonna be a great week!!
4 months ago, Marquand-Zion
MZ Tigers in Orange beach
Update: 6:30…we see water 🏖
4 months ago, Marquand-Zion
Almost there…🏖
First look at the Gulf
The USS Alabama
USS Alabama National Park
5:25 - about an hour and a half from our destination 😊
4 months ago, Marquand-Zion
Lord I’m coming home to you
Oh Sweet Home
Update: 12:30 PM. Somewhere in Mississippi 😂
4 months ago, Marquand-Zion
welcome to Mississippi
Mickey Ds
The Seniors are on their way! Keep watching for updates.
4 months ago, Marquand-Zion
load up
4th and 5th Garders celebrate Earth Day by gathering up trash and debris from the school grounds.
4 months ago, Doug Berry