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*Classes REMAIN IN SESSION at this time.

Mission Statement

This mission of the Marquand-Zion School District, in partnership with families and community, is to provide progressive learning environments that foster quality and excellence for all students and assures them an opportunity to become literate, skilled, creative, confident, healthy, and caring individuals prepared for life, work, citizenship, and change.

Attention Parents:

The Marquand-Zion R-VI School District had the opportunity to join in the Seamless Summer Meal Program today. Anyone in the community that is 18 years old or younger may get breakfast and lunch free of charge. Students on isolation or quarantine will receive their meals when the bus completes packet drop-offs and pick-ups each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If parents or guardians call the school, younger siblings of these students can be delivered at the same time. Parents of children being homeschooled or not of age for school may call school and be put on the curbside pickup list. Please call at least 1 day in advance to wanting a meal so that preparation can be completed. Meals will be served from 9:30-10:00 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday along the curb in front of the high school. Monday’s package will include 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches for each child on the list.

Vitual Classes Information and Sign Up

CLASSES REMAIN IN SESSION AT THIS TIME, However, should virtual classes be required, PARENTS should use the link below to sign up to stay informed of your student's assignments, progress and learning.

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* NOTICE - VIRTUAL EDUCATION: The District will annually permit any eligible student, under the age of twenty-one (21) who resides in the District, to enroll in Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program ("Program") courses as part of the student's annual course load. Course costs will be paid by the District provided that the student:

1. Is enrolled full-time and has attended a public school, including a charter school, for at least one (1) semester immediately prior to enrolling in the Program. However, if the reason for a student's non-attendance in the prior semester is a documented medical or psychological diagnosis or condition which prevented attendance, such as non-attendance will be excused; and

2. Prior to enrolling in the Program course has received District approval through the procedure set out in Regulation 6190 (A). (see regulation in District Policy at request)

Each Program course successfully completed will count as one class and will receive that portion of a full-time equivalent that comparable course offered by the District generates.